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Tour the Wastes of Xhorhas Before Call of the Netherdeep Releases! – Posts

You’ve got heard of the Explorer’s Information to Wildemount, that tome of data for all issues, effectively, Wildemount. However when you’re trapped behind the stuffy partitions of Rexxentrum within the Dwendalian Empire, you might need discovered a couple of chapters lacking out of your copy. That is all due to the benevolent King Bertrand Dwendal.

What you’d discover in these lacking pages are particulars on the wastes of Xhorhas, the subsequent hottest vacationer vacation spot for the aspiring adventurer. If you wish to see what splendors you have been lacking, seize your moorbounder and are available be a part of me on a treacherous tour past the borders of the Dwendalian Empire!

Discover the wastes of Xhorhas in Crucial Function: Name of the Netherdeep

Name of the Netherdeep is an upcoming journey guide that takes gamers in all places from the wastes of Xhorhas to Marquet and the Netherdeep. Though we do not but know exactly the place the journey will take us within the wastes, it is at all times useful to brush up in your geography!

Wastes of Xhorhas map

Do not let the identify idiot you: the wastes of Xhorhas are stuffed with all method of thrilling locales and creatures—simply do not wander too far off the overwhelmed path.

Wastes of Xhorhas map

7 locations to go to within the wastes of Xhorhas

Xhorhas is likely to be a land scarred by the Calamity—however there’s an attract to its muddy wastelands that you simply simply cannot discover in the Zemni Fields. And hey, when you’ve visited the tropical Menagerie Coast and gotten a nasty sunburn, you are going to love Rosohna!

  1. Asarius, the City of Beasts
  2. Barbed Fields
  3. Dreemoth Ravine
  4. Iothia Moorland
  5. Jigow
  6. Rosohna
  7. Vermaloc Wildwood
Kryn Dynasty: Pal or foe?

Between you and me, I do not suppose Xhorhasians are as dangerous as King Dwendel has led us to consider. Even nonetheless, Xhorhas is not fairly as united because the Dwendalian Empire. Whereas the Kryn Dynasty guidelines over the northern wastes of Xhorhas, they’re having a little bit of hassle bringing some people beneath their wing. Which may should do with the dynasty’s want to transform people to the Luxon, some obscure deity you have by no means heard of. That mentioned, if you’re wandering concerning the wastes, possibly do not wave your miniature Kryn Dynasty flag round. I do know they arrive with the tour bundle, however we do not need to trigger any hassle.

1. Asarius, the Metropolis of Beasts 

Asarius artwork

Inhabitants: 48,025 (41% goblinoids, 32% gnolls, 10% darkish elves, 17% different races)

The primary cease on our tour is Asarius, often known as the Metropolis of Beasts. It’s constructed atop a muddy hill and is a cultural hub for wastefolks. Consider Asarius as an olive department from the Kryn Dynasty—they supply sources and safety and also you promise everlasting devotion to the Luxon. That is an exaggeration, however there are an excellent many Luxon temples across the metropolis. We’ll ensure to pop into a pair. Rumor has it the Luxon has everlasting life found out! 

I am going to admit, Asarius is tough across the edges. Positive, it is introduced collectively an excellent many individuals from throughout the wastes, however they typically favor to gap up with their very own. The flipside is that you will expertise a wide range of cultures from one neighborhood to the subsequent. The draw back is that you simply’re certain to get a bit bruised up—or killed—when you look the improper approach. However you possibly can’t blame the wastefolks. Earlier than Asarius, all of them needed to struggle with each other over the few sources within the wastes. There’s certain to be dangerous blood!

Now, when you had been anticipating a petting zoo within the Metropolis of Beasts, you is likely to be dissatisfied. Asarius has an enormous navy presence. That requires a great deal of struggle beasts and different beasts of burden. I can actually ask round to see when you can pet a moorbounder, however I would reasonably you retain your fingers!

Oh, that big spire within the heart of town? That is the house of none aside from Den Olios. He is type of the chief of town. You’ll be able to thank him for the partitions that hold us secure from the [Tooltip Not Found].

2. Barbed Fields

Barbed Fields artwork

The Calamity was a monumentally tragic interval for Wildemount. Each man and god stood up towards the Betrayer Gods, and the following struggle wreaked destruction world wide. It is mentioned that the Barbed Fields had been residence to the ultimate battles of the Calamity—so it is a pure pitstop on our tour of the wastes. I do kindly insist that you simply keep on the trail by these spires. I have not fairly labored out the place all the sinkholes are.

On the finish of our tour of the Barbed Fields, you will discover an deserted excavation web site the place we will do a little bit of digging. Who is aware of, you may discover your very personal Vestige of Divergence! 

3. Dreemoth Ravine

These mountains we’re using alongside are often called the Ashkeeper Peaks. They’re residence to the ruins of Draconia, a as soon as wonderful floating city-state of dragonborn that got here crashing down after an assault by the Chroma Conclave simply a few many years in the past. The conclave was a sect of chromatic dragons that needed to rule the world—or another such factor. I hear some mighty adventurers helped put an finish to them, however their identify escapes me.

In case you’re not a lot for caving, you will get pleasure from waterfalls and see griffons and different flying beasts of their pure habitat. Though we cannot have time on this tour, an extended stroll south by the Dreemoth Ravine will take you to Xarzith Kitril. Survivors of Draconia’s fall established the high-quality metropolis, which is partly constructed into the ravine.

4. Iothia Moorland

We’ll solely be doing a passing journey by the Iothia Moorland. You may discover hilly grasslands, lakes, and swamps all through right here. Why aren’t we staying lengthy? Properly, I’ve had some hassle with the roving clans in these components. They do not take kindly to outsiders. And did I point out the cyclopes?

5. Jigow

Inhabitants: 13,210 (56% goblinkin, 31% orcs, 13% different races)

This coastal city brings collectively goblins and orcs beneath the sunshine of the Luxon—hey look, one other temple!—and is residence to among the most interesting seafood you will style on this facet of Wildemount. In comparison with Asarius, you will discover Jigow to be far safer, although hold a detailed eye in your coin purse simply the identical.

Jigow is comprised of quite a few fishing villages. Our first cease can be within the Meatwaters. It would not sound good, however that is the place you will get your fill of native delicacies. Afterward, we’ll wander over to the Jumble, the place you will discover houses constructed atop horizonback tortoises. No guarantees on attending to pet these, both.

Horizonback tortoise

6. Rosohna

Kryn Dynasty crestInhabitants: 113,190 (66% darkish elves, 9% goblins, 7% duergar, 18% different races)

Our essential cease on this tour is Rosohna, a metropolis that rose from the ashes of the Betrayer Gods’ major stronghold, Ghor Dranas. Bask within the splendor of crystalline cathedrals, glowing gardens, obsidian partitions, and—is {that a} tree atop that home? How curious.

Regardless of what you might need been taught by the Dwendalian Empire, the darkish elves listed here are typically welcoming of others. However they’re nonetheless delicate to daylight—therefore the magical protect over town that blocks out the solar. 

Admittedly, I do not know a lot of the dynasty’s doings round Rosohna. It is hassle sufficient entering into town as a Dwendalian citizen. However I do know that 12 ruling darkish elf Dens preside over town. One Den stands above the others, and from it, we get the Brilliant Queen. On the heart of town, you will see the grey quartz of the Lucid Bastion—a cathedral to the Luxon—from the place the Dens and the Brilliant Queen preside over residents of the Kryn Dynasty. Fats likelihood we’ll get a ticket in, sadly.

I can take you to Gallimaufry, nonetheless. You may discover all method of Xhorhasian trinkets to take residence. We are able to cease by the Shadowshire after. There, you will enjoyment of seeing underground farms and edible bioluminescent fungi. Yum!

7. Vermaloc Wildwood

Vermaloc Wildwood artwork

The Vermaloc Wildwood is as lethal as it’s gorgeous. Bask upon maroon and purplish timber and leaves that seem trapped in everlasting autumn.

Admittedly, the woods are a little bit of a lure. Although they attract people from throughout the wastes—and it is splendorous wandering by their camps—we won’t truly go into the Vermaloc Wildwood. The woods are the principle supply of logging for the wastes of Xhorhas, and there are ample monstrosities and big spiders that hunt all through them.

Journey deeper into the wastes of Xhorhas

The Explorer’s Information to Wildemount particulars huge areas of Exandria and provides further participant choices like subclasses. The upcoming Crucial Function journey Name of the Netherdeep builds on this guide, taking gamers into the wastes of Xhorhas, Marquet, and the Netherdeep in an journey working from third to twelfth stage. We’ll hold you posted on particulars that come out on the journey!

Michael Galvis (@michaelgalvis) is a tabletop content material producer for D&D Past. He’s a longtime Dungeon Grasp who enjoys horror movies and all issues fantasy and sci-fi. When he isn’t within the DM’s seat or rolling cube as his anxious halfling sorcerer, he’s enjoying League of Legends and Magic: The Gathering along with his husband. They dwell collectively in Los Angeles with their lovely canine, Quentin.

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